This was followed by the melodious rendition of the Gayatri Mantra and English prayer by the little ones to offer their gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon them by the Almighty.

The Annual Concert of Khaitan Pre-School was held on Sunday, 3rd March 2019. The programme commenced with the auspicious ceremony of Lighting of the Lamp by Chairman – The Khaitan School, Mr. Gnagesh Khaitan and Director Education – Mrs. SL Gupta.

Looking resplendent in their beautifully designed and colourful dresses the confident children effortlessly put forth to the audience their message-“For mother Earth to survive and thrive amidst the symphony of her seasons, we have to curtail Pollution”.

The beautifully choreographed, well synchronised and exuberant dances by the tiny tots mesmerized the audience and had everyone clapping and tapping to the captivating rhythm. The function culminated with the National Anthem.

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