Breakfast Menu – October 2019

Date Day Menu
01.10.2019 Tuesday Aloo Sabzi, Poori. A Bowl Of Suji Halwa.
02.10.2019 Wednesday Holiday—–Gandhi Jayanti—-
03.10.2019 Thursday Vegetable Bread Roll. A Bowl Of Porridge.
04.10.2019 Friday Mixed Dal, Parantha. Apple Slices.
07.10.2019 Monday Holiday—–Ramnavmi—–
08.10.2019 Tuesday Holiday—-Dussehra—–
09.10.2019 Wednesday Rajma, Rice. Cake Slices.
10.10.2019 Thursday Vegetable Kitchdi, Fryums. Apple Slices.
11.10.2019 Friday Lobia, Rice. Chocolate Muffins.
14.10.2019 Monday Chana, Poori. A Bowl Of Suji Halwa.
15.10.2019 Tuesday Vada, Sambhar. A Bowl Of Vermicelli Kheer.
16.10.2019 Wednesday Butter Cheese And Butter Jam Sandwiches. A Cup Of Ice-Cream (Mother Dairy).
17.10.2019 Thursday Vegetable Cutlets, Fryums. A Bowl Of Porridge.
18.10.2019 Friday Idli, Sambhar. A Bowl Of Rice Kheer.
21.10.2019 Monday Soya Matar Gravy, Rice. Apple Slices.
22.10.2019 Tuesday Bread Pakora. A Bowl Of Fruit Custard.
23.10.2019 Wednesday Vegetable And Cheese Macaroni, Fryums. Chocolate Buns.
24.10.2019 Thursday Pav Bhaji. Jalebi.
25.10.2019 Friday Paneer Bhurji, Poori. Gulab Jamun.
28.10.2019 Monday Holiday—–Diwali Break—–
29.10.2019 Tuesday Holiday—–Diwali Break—–
30.10.2019 Wednesday Rajma, Rice. A Bowl Of Kesari Halwa.
31.10.2019 Thursday Dal Makhani, Parantha. A Bowl of Porridge.