Visiting Counselor

A professional counselor visits the school on scheduled PTM’s and twice a week to address the following:

  • Identify specific behavioural patterns or learning disability in a child if recommend by the class teacher
  • Counsel the parents and teachers on different methods that need to be adopted to address specific behavioural pattern / learning disability and maintain proper records for follow-up action.

Formal dinning room

A dedicated dinning hall provides an opportunity for children of various sections to interact with each other while they enjoy a meal together. This enables them to:

  • mix with children from different sections
  • share food with one another
  • get disciplined on eating on a dinning table
  • learn table manners
  • instill a sense of schedule and timing (food is served at a particular time every day)

Dedicated art / craft room

Having separate art and craft rooms, enables the child to get out of their comfort zone and participate in an activity outside their classroom. Having a specialized art and craft teacher translates to more meaningful activities.


Dedicated music / dance studio’s

Air-conditioned studio with child-friendly materials such as PVC floor and wooden paneling.

  • Full size mirrors for dance classes
  • Various instruments for children to touch, play with and experience themselves
  • Dedicated and qualified dance teacher
  • Dedicated and qualified music teacher

Outdoor Wet Play Area

  • One of its kind and never-seen-before wet interactive play area
  • Specially designed for Khaitan Pre-School
  • Full rubberized flooring for proetction against falls
  • Exciting water rides with safety

Multimedia Lab

Although every classroom is equipped with PC’s, Internet, projectors and a white board, these are only operated by class teachers. We believe that children should have the experience of operating a computer device on their own, as technology has penetrated every aspect of human life. We endeavor to teach them how to operate touch-screen tablets that ultimately fosters awareness and a desire to learn and explore on their own.


We provide pickup and drop off right at your doorstep for added safety. Some of the features of our vans are:

  • Teacher on duty for every van from first till last stop (to-and-fro)
  • Air conditioned vans
  • First Aid Box available at all times
  • Fire Extinguisher installed as per law
  • Valid commercial license for vehicle’s and drivers
  • Mobile phone with drivers