The Khaitan Pre-School, Noida celebrated Van Mahotsav with great enthusiasm and fervor. Van Mahotsav is a festival that celebrates the importance of trees and encourages people to plant more trees to save the environment. The students at Khaitan Pre-School took part in various activities that aimed at raising awareness about the importance of trees and the need to protect them.

The students eager to participate in the activities that were organized for the occasion. One of the activities that they participated in was the drawing trees activity. They were given paper chips of brown color and asked to paste them on the trunk of the trees. They colored the fruits and painted the leaves using their fingers. The children had a lot of fun doing this activity and it also helped them to learn about the different parts of the trees.

The students also hugged the trees to convey their love and commitment to taking care of them. This conveyed that “We will take care of you, wonderful trees! We promise!” This activity helped the children to understand the importance of taking care of trees and the role that trees play in our lives.

In addition to these activities, the children also participated in a seed sowing activity. They were taught how to sow seeds and were encouraged to plant them in their homes or in their school garden. The children also watered the plants to help them grow.

The celebration of Van Mahotsav by the students of Khaitan Pre-School Noida was a great success. The children had a lot of fun participating in the various activities and also learned a lot about the importance of trees and the environment. By participating in these activities, the children were able to understand the need to protect the environment and the role that they can play in preserving it.