Janmashtami is one of the most significant Hindu festivals celebrated across India with great zeal and enthusiasm. This festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. The celebration of Janmashtami is a symbol of joy, happiness, and faith, and it is observed with great devotion by millions of devotees.

At Khaitan Pre School in Noida, the celebration of Janmashtami was a memorable experience for the students. The school organized various activities to engage the children in learning about the significance of this festival. The little ones were dressed in colorful traditional attire as Lord Krishna and Radha, and they looked adorable in their costumes.

One of the most interesting activities organized by the school was pot painting. The students were given small pots to paint and decorate. They filled these pots with cotton to represent Lord Krishna’s love for ‘Maakhan’ or butter, which is an essential part of the Janmashtami celebration. The children enjoyed painting the pots and were proud to show off their creative skills to their teachers and friends.

The teachers at Khaitan Pre School decorated a space in the classroom with Lord Krishna’s pictures, Laddoo Gopal in his ‘Jhula’, peacock feathers, big ‘maakhan pots’, flutes and offered pooja to him. The students were excited to learn about the various rituals and customs associated with Janmashtami.

In conclusion, the Janmashtami celebration at Khaitan Pre School in Noida was a beautiful event that helped the children learn about the significance of this festival. The school organized various activities and decorations that made the celebration engaging and memorable for the students. The children had a lot of fun while also learning about the traditions and customs associated with Janmashtami. Overall, it was a great way to promote cultural awareness and diversity among the young minds.