Children’s Day is celebrated every year on November 14 in India. It is a day dedicated to the well-being and happiness of children all over the country. On this occasion, various events and activities are organized in schools and other institutions to make the day special for the children.

Khaitan Pre School in Noida celebrated Children’s Day with great enthusiasm and fervor. The school organized various fun events and activities for the children to participate in and enjoy.

One of the events organized was the Bull’s Eye game, in which the children had to place balls in the open mouth of funny characters depicted on boxes. This game was not only entertaining but also helped to improve the children’s hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Another fun activity that the children participated in was the fun race, in which they had to collect as many paper flags or balls that were lying on the racing tracks while running. This game helped to improve the children’s physical fitness and agility. The children also played Aim and Topple, in which they threw balls at a stack of glasses to make them topple. This game not only tested their aim and precision but also helped to develop their motor skills. Apart from the fun and games, the children also exchanged gifts with one another. This was a great opportunity for the children to express their love and appreciation for their friends and classmates.

The children had a great time participating in the various activities and games, and the teachers and staff did a fantastic job organizing the event. It was a day filled with joy, laughter, and fun, and the children will cherish the memories of the day for a long time.