Early Childhood Education at Khaitan Pre-School is a blend of the philosophy of eminent founders of Progressive Education such as Maria Montessori, John Dewy, Jean Pigaet, Reggio Emilo and Rudolf Steiner. Progressive promotions are permissible if the child is ready for the next group as per the three distinctive age groups.

Khaitan Pre-School Programme attends to the child’s unique pattern of development with the goal that our children become responsible members of their classroom community, develop a sense of self-worth, confidence and independence needed to fulfill their potential. We take pride in the fact that the little ones are trained to appreciate and respect diversity and imbibe values.

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Age : 18 Months – 2+ years, Timings : 09:00 am to 12:00 noon

The focus of the Montessori programme is to provide developmentally appropriate activities for tiny tots in a secure, stimulating and warm environment that facilitates social interactions, free play, role play and exploration of the environment.

Skilled teachers handle the separation emotions with love and patience. Though we expect the toddler at 18 months to be toilet trained, but are sensitive to the ones who are in the process of being toilet trained and facilitate the process with love and care.

We firmly believe that each child has his/her individual requirements. We value each child and attend to his/her needs. We allow each child to develop at his/her own pace.

We endeavor to refine each child’s senses enhancing understanding of the community around them and encourage them to develop independently in all areas of learning according to their inner psychological and motivational needs creating a dynamic learning process guided by the teacher.

Six Core areas of learning and development are Sensorial Development, Motor Development, Language Skills, Mathematical / Numeracy Skills, Creative Skills and Social / Emotional Skills.

Teachers of the Montessori Group structure the programme with the aim to ensure that learning translates into immense joy and that every child experiences success in his / her area of interest. We identify and nurture the innate strengths of every child.

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Age : 2+ – 3+ years,  Timings : 09:00 am to 12:00 noon

We are a very open and friendly community of teachers, staff, parents and little children and encourage parents to get involved in all aspects of school life.

We ensure positive and harmonious development of the child which prepares them for a rich life time of learning experiences and development of child’s innate love of exploring and learning.

We aim at giving a strong foundation in:-

-Early literacy and numeracy skills
-Recognizing and learning sounds letters and numbers.
-Cognitive, physical and creative development
-Personal, emotional and social development

We give impetus to understanding of the community outside the confines of the classroom, where they engage in imaginative play, role play and creative expressions through hands on experiences.

We understand that individual attention and affection are imperative hence we nurture them with the vision that when they graduate from the Pre-School they are able to communicate well, form healthy relationships with their peers and adults and be inspired about learning.

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Age : 3+ – 4+ years, Timings : 09:00 am to 12:00 noon

The child centric curriculum in Nursery is in accordance with the Playway Montessori method harmoniously blended with the activity based teaching as advocated by Jean Piaget, John Dewey, Friedrich Frobel and the Reggio Emillia approach.

The meticulously designed curriculum caters to the individual interests and inherent potential of the children further strengthening their social, creative and cognitive skills and addresses their emotional quotient thus keeping the children happy, excited and engaged at school.

In keeping with the fact that a child expresses himself/ herself through “A Hundred Languages” a wide array of activities like creative expressions through Art & Craft, enhancing body and mind rhythm by dancing, language enrichment programme by facilitating their listening, speaking skills through story telling, conversation, role play, puppet theatre etc are an integral part of our curriculum transaction

Technology integration, extensive use of audio- visual aids to make classroom learning more enjoyable, training fine motor skills, wellness programme which help in developing gross motor skills through yoga, karate, skating, swings ns slides and various competitions and celebrations provide ample opportunities to our students to develop and showcase their creativity.

Concepts are reinforced through indoor and outdoor hands-on activities which inculcate in the children a scientific and inquisitive bend of mind.

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Key Features of the Day Care

A) Working Days – Monday to Friday,(1st & 3rd Saturday working)
B) Timings-Full Day-12:30 pm – 6:30 pm , Half Day-12:30pm -3:30pm
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