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Looking for a top ranked preschool that
guarantees admission to a leading
CBSE school in Noida?

  • Ranked Noida #1 Pre-School (2019)*
  • Guaranteed admission to The Khaitan School**

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100% admissions secured since we started operations in 2014. Total 653 students admitted to leading K-12 schools of Noida and Greater Noida till Jan-20.

Over 10,000 square feet of learning spaces including specially designed wet-play area with fun water rides, garden, swings, slides, duck-pond & gardening activities.

Full time Pediatric nurse with air-conditioned clinic equipped with beds, first-aid, nebulizer & appropriate medication. Yearly health checkup conducted FREE OF CHARGE.

Day Care with professional Manager, aiya’s, teachers and extended timings till 6:30pm. GPS enabled transport facilities with door-to-door pickup.



Wet Plan Area

Art Room

Experiential Learning


Did you know?

Safety & security of children is the biggest concern of most parents. We ensure:

  • 100% female staff members that interact with children. (No male workers allowed inside building)
  • GPS enabled vans with FREE tracking app. Teacher’s in every route for pickup & drop-off.
  • Realtime CCTV monitoring.
  • Dedicated Aiya’s for each & every section.

Teaching the Teacher

An updated curriculum is one of the pillars of a good institution. Periodic reviews through discussions & research ensure a dynamic and relevant curriculum for your child

  • In service teacher training based on latest pedagogy and educational trends.
  • Professionally developed curriculum drawing on expertise of The Khaitan School management.
  • Student -Teacher ratio of 1:5 including dedicated activity teachers.


Testimonial Videos

Experiences shared by some of our Parents

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Our students have been admitted to:


Awards and Recognition

Ranked #1 Pre-School in Noida (Education Today 19)

Pre-School of the Year award(National School Award 18)

Ranked #3 Proprietary Pre-School in Noida (Education World Magazine 18)

School Excellence Award (Brainfeed Magazine 17)

Ranked #3 Proprietary Pre-School in Noida (Education World Magazine 17)

Best Practices and Innovations in Effective Partnership with Parents (Early Childhood Association 16)

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