Head Mistress’s Message

There is nothing more endearing and precious than a child’s laughter, which emanates when the heart is brimming with happiness. We at Khaitan Pre-School, relate to this and therefore it forms the foundation of all our endeavours.

It is aptly said, “Characteristics of childhood are unique to each child, like colour and fragrance to a flower.” Just us a horticulturist enhances the attributes of a flower by systemic care, we too strive to nurture the natural development of each child to his or her full potential.

Our meticulously designed curriculum provides a natural and stimulating environment, wherein our students will explore, think, do and simultaneously learn and imbibe. An array of resourceful activities so designed shall keep the students engaged and excited, for when there is joy in what the child is doing, he learns to love learning.

We are firm believers of the fact that each day in a child’s life comes bearing its own gifts. It is we, you and us, who have to assist the child untie the ribbons.