Director’s Message

Children are at the heart of all that we do; by carefully nurturing, we encourage, confident, happy learners who are excited about the world they live in, are free to explore and observe the environment and use the learning resources to enhance their understanding, imagination and creativity. 

The well researched curriculum is designed on the educational philosophy of eminent educational philosophers; to name a few, Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Jean Pigaet, and is based on the fundamental guideline ‘play and learn’. We give impetus to an engaging pedagogy and exciting stimuli, sensorial exposure, free play that involves thinking, opportunities for hands-on-learning experiences, playing with three-dimensional objects, imaginative and role play, social play with peers, self initiated play, play that involve arms and legs movements etc., are adopted to keep children happy and excited. 

Extensive staff development opportunities and continuous evolution of their ideas and practices ensures long-term commitment to enhancing their understanding of children, so that they are in tandem with the dynamics of the evolving curriculum and pedagogy.

We believe that, excellence is in the mind, in the attitude and is not definable. Our school celebrates the culture of excellence and strives to develop the joy for life-long learning and endeavours to draw out and magnify the unique talents, which are innate in each child. 

Parents are viewed by us as partners and collaborators and are engaged with the school in the enrichment and skill development programme. 

We are confident that with our expertise, passion, pastoral care and a wealth of lively and stimulating experiences for our children, we will groom your children for the next stage of their life giving them a secured foundation. 

I wish to share Walt Disney’s famous quote; “Our greatest natural resources are the minds and imagination of our children”. We at Khaitan Pre-School provide appropriate environment and resources to facilitate the child’s mind to develop and to explore and to freely express and enhance imagination and creativity.

Head Mistress’s Message

There is nothing more endearing and precious than a child’s laughter, which emanates when the heart is brimming with happiness. We at Khaitan Pre-School, relate to this and therefore it forms the foundation of all our endeavours. 

It is aptly said, “Characteristics of childhood are unique to each child, like colour and fragrance to a flower.” Just us a horticulturist enhances the attributes of a flower by systemic care, we too strive to nurture the natural development of each child to his or her full potential.

Our meticulously designed curriculum provides a natural and stimulating environment, wherein our students will explore, think, do and simultaneously learn and imbibe. An array of resourceful activities so designed shall keep the students engaged and excited, for when there is joy in what the child is doing, he learns to love learning. 

We are firm believers of the fact that each day in a child’s life comes bearing its own gifts. It is we, you and us, who have to assist the child untie the ribbons.