Khaitan Pre-School Building

Child friendly material in all classrooms

  • PVC flooring for providing cushioning
  • Wooden laminated paneling for neat and clean finish
  • Ergonomic chairs for added comfort for small children
  • High quality furniture

Fully Air Conditioned

  • All classrooms
  • All activity rooms
  • Dinning hall
  • Infirmary
  • Reception

Outdoor Wet play area

  • One of its kind and never-seen-before wet interactive play area
  • Specially designed for Khaitan Pre-School
  • Fully rubberized flooring for protection against falls
  • Exciting water rides with safety

Outdoors Play Area

  • Exciting and engaging rides for pre-schoolers
  • Branded rides from leading manufacturer
  • Skating
  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf

Indoors Free Play Area

  • Adequately fitted with various play equipment for small children


  • Separate washrooms for boys and girls on all floors
  • Diaper changing stations for Toddlers
  • Appropriate size W/C’s for preschooler’s
  • Health faucets for added hygiene
  • Laminated partitions for added hygiene and privacy


We offer a fully equipped and well-stocked infirmary with distinctive features such as:

  • A qualified and full-time Nurse
  • First-aid available at the premises
  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Nebulizer
  • Three beds for resting and examination
  • Basic medication
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Routine health check up mandatory for all children

CCTV Camera’s

These are installed all over the school to ensure safety and security of our children. The Head Mistress and security guards have a live and direct feed at all times to monitor key areas of the building.

  • 24×7 surveillance
  • Infra red camera’s with power backup – enable viewing dark corners during power cuts

R.O Water & Power Backup

  • R.O water available for students and teachers.
  • Water cooler available
  • 24×7 power backup through high capacity silent DG.


  • Trained guards on duty 24×7.
  • Additional lady guard on duty from morning till evening.


  • Auto-stop on nearest floor incase of power failure
  • Access on all floors
  • Supervised access for children
  • Live CCTV coverage at all elevator doors


  • Stainless Steel railings with hand rails at appropriate height for children
  • Covered grills to avoid accidents
  • Complete natural lighting to avoid dark corners during power failure

Visiting Counselor

A professional counselor visits the school on scheduled PTM’s and twice a week (with prior appointment) to address the following:

  • Identify specific behavioural patterns or learning disability in a child if recommend by the class teacher
  • Counsel the parents and teachers on different methods that need to be adopted to address specific behavioural pattern / learning disability and maintain proper records for follow-up action.

Formal dinning room

A dedicated dinning hall provides an opportunity for children of various sections to interact with each other while they enjoy a meal together. This enables them to:

  • mix with children from different sections
  • share food with one another
  • get disciplined on eating on a dinning table
  • learn table manners
  • instill a sense of schedule and timing (food is served at a particular time every day)

Dedicated art / craft room

Having separate art and craft rooms, enables the child to get out of their comfort zone and participate in an activity outside their classroom. Having a specialized art and craft teacher translates to more meaningful activities.

Dedicated music / dance studio’s

Air-conditioned studio with child-friendly materials such as PVC floor and wooden paneling.

  • Full size mirrors for dance classes
  • Various instruments for children to touch, play with and experience themselves
  • Dedicated and qualified dance teacher
  • Dedicated and qualified music teacher

Multimedia Lab

Although every classroom is equipped with PC’s, Internet, projectors and a white board, these are only operated by class teachers. We believe that children should have the experience of operating a computer device on their own, as technology has penetrated every aspect of human life. We endeavor to teach them how to operate touch-screen tablets that ultimately fosters awareness and a desire to learn and explore on their own.


We provide pickup and drop off right at your doorstep for added safety. Some of the features of our vans are:

  • Teacher on duty for every van from first till last stop (to-and-fro)
  • Air conditioned vans
  • First Aid Box available at all times
  • Fire Extinguisher installed as per law
  • Valid commercial license for vehicle’s and drivers
  • Mobile phone with drivers